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Santa Barbara Ketamine Therapy

We believe in offering our clients only the best standard of care in ketamine treatment. That way you experience the best possible results.

Our service uses therapeutic levels of ketamine, paired with specialized psychotherapy to experience the changes and integrate them into your daily life.

Getting Started

Medical Intake

Meet with our doctor to talk about what you’re experiencing now and how you’d like to improve. Discuss any questions you may have about treatments, and trust that you’re receiving expert-level care.

Ketamine Sessions

Our doctor administers the ketamine using intramuscular injection and monitors you throughout the treatment.  Typically six sessions are recommended.

Therapy Sessions

Integrative sessions are held within 3 days after each ketamine session. The therapist will explore your experience, discuss your goals, and develop a path forward for the most sustainable growth.

Additional services, including more ketamine sessions, integrative therapy, and ketamine treatments can be discussed with the doctor after your initial treatment.

Schedule a Consultation

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